Time to Launch

The feedback I have received since the Vancouver Sun article has been phenomenal.  I have viewed an additional 8 potential acres to date and welcome any folks who are interested in having their underutilized land repurposed in Nicole's Farm acres to drop me an email.  Please follow the link to the Vancouver Sun article if you are just visiting us for the first time. Randy Shore, the journalist who wrote the article did what I feel is a fantastic job explaining the project.

Things have gotten extra busy around here with all the added press but I welcome the interest that it has brought to the project and now I am keenly focused on getting our first seeds in the ground and the fresh, sustainable, locally grown produce into the hands of the welcoming folks on the Sunshine Coast.

I am also beginning my search for folks who may not necessarily be professional gardeners but feel a draw to the land and would like to be involved as farmers.  Please go to the "Contact" tab on this page and drop me an email.  Resumes are not the key to successfully getting my attention...aim to write me a couple paragraphs which Break down how you could see yourself contributing on the project and what you would be looking for in return then we can proceed from there.  Also, as the business grows we will be looking for management and administrative help so, if you have a passion for sustainable agriculture please do not hesitate to contact me.

Progressive Brilliance

I came across this TEDx talk this morning while reading through my usual social media channels and it resonated so strongly with me I wanted to share it.  Along the lines of the Nicole's Farm project, I believe that those who have the interest and potential to interpret and take action on progressive ideas can do so in ways that can improve the quality of life of global community. Bjarke Ingels, the architect speaking in this talk expresses a vision for sustainability that I have profoundly felt for quite some time but have not heard articulated so effectively until watching this video.  

Progress in the realm of global environmental issues can be accelerated when we begin acting on sustainability as a "design challenge" and not a "moral sacrifice".

Nicole's Farm has been getting some press

We've been getting some press over here at Nicole's Farm. Yesterday, Randy Shore at The Green Man Blog at the Vancouver Sun came by and did an on-site interview. He took some video of the work we have been doing to prep the land for the fence and bed installation.

Business in Vancouver magazine did an interview a week or two ago and I believe they will be publishing their article shortly. Also keep your eyes open at Country Life in BC for an article about our project.

We would really appreciate a little extra support on the crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to help cover the direct costs of the wildlife fence.  Plans have changed around here in the last few weeks and the equipment is staying available locally all year.  Anyone wishing to contact me to discuss having a Nicole's Farm acre set up on their underutilized land or to inquire about employment as farm help, please contact me

Here's the article that came out today in the local newspaper, The Coast Reporter: