I've been collecting all the eggs I can in hopes of growing our flock. My current project is to develop a silkie dominant breed with an araucana strain in the genetics so that they lay light blue eggs. I absolutely adore Silkie chickens as they are small, quiet and the roosters are protective of their ladies but docile with humans.

The Parents - Rooster in White
White silkie chick.  Pheasant chick at bottom right.
Eggs in the 'bator. Phesant in dark brown, silkie in blue, other chick in light/white.
Four silkie chicks.

Community Engagement and building brand

Since our family does not have to relocate to the eastern part of BC for work this spring, I have had the luxury of joining some local community organizations.  In 1998/99, I particpated in a Rotary Youth Exchange to Sweden and now 14 years later I have had the profound joy of joining the same club that sent me on that character building trip.  The folks in the Sechelt Rotary Club have proved welcoming and eager to make a change in our community.  The club has chosen to focus on youth and literacy, both topics rank very high on my personal priority list.

I have begun joining in on meetings with Voice on the Coast, Sunshine Coast Breakfast for Kids, Sunshine Coast Community Foundation - Vital Signs team and of course the Agriculture Advisory Committee at the good old Sunshine Coast Regional District.

Also of interest, I've been upping my participation in small business and social enterprise platforms and competitions.  At the end of May, I submitted my application for "The Challenge Contest" sponsored by The Globe and Mail and Telus.  They're offering a $100,000 grant and an invaluable round of great nation wide press!  Both would be tremendous game changers and launch platforms for Nicole's Farm, so keep your fingers crossed for it.

In addition, I have been working with the BC Ideas Team from Ashoka Changemakers.  You'll see me featured as a Thought Leader for the campaign.  I also helped host a #socentchat last week,  a guest post go live on their site in the next couple days, next week I'll be moderating a BC Ideas discussion piece and I have a little spot in their campaign video.

All in all, I've been working hard to hustle brand while hunting for seed funding for the proof of concept.  Dynamic is the life of the entrepreneur but I wouldn't change it for a thing.

Proof of Concept Farm - The land

My partner has been clearing the land for the one acre proof of concept farm in Halfmoon Bay, BC.  The spot has great sun exposure and excellent visibility from highway 101.  Once the fence is up and the beds are lined up and planted all those passing by will be able to watch as the project grows!

View from back of spot with highway in front.
View from on-site looking towards highway and Sechelt.
View of spot with highway at my back.
two eldest daughters walking down to farm site
Berm pile at far back will be screened for topsoil