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I received an email today from an experienced local gardener who, though supportive of my project had some doubts as to the revenue projections i have used as assumptions on which to base my business model.  So, I have decided to post some background information on the SPIN farming movement.  For those interested in knowing what type of farm practices I will be implementing on each Nicole's Farm acre in order to meet my goal of two living wage jobs per farm please peruse the following links!
SPIN farming
List of Other Farms in North America using SPIN farm practices
Article in Tree Hugger regarding SPIN Farming
Article from Rodale Institute regarding SPIN Farming
Wally - One of the founding SPIN Farmers
Somerton Tanks Farm - Proving the revenue projections
SPIN Farming Feasibility Study - Proving the revenue projections
Here are some farms I picked out of the list above because:
a) they are BC based or,
b) I follow them on twitter or facebook.
Carrot Creek Urban Farm 
Healthy Harvest: "Did you know…in one year, you could harvest up to 2800Kg of food from a garden space of 400m2! One person eats about 200kg of fruit and veg annually so that’s enough food for 14 people!"
Leaf and Lyre

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