The Zen of Rejection

I had originally conceptualised the Nicole's Farm start-up as materialising out out a 2 acre test garden for Small Plot Intensive (SPIN) farming on my family's property in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast British Columbia.  From the test garden I would grow the project, ten acres a year into a friendly little organisation that would address food sovereignty issues in a few communities in my province that I was familiar with and held dear.

Naively, I thought financing would materialise out of the merits of the 56 page business plan I had developed or perhaps the owner equity I had to contribute in the form of farm equipment and land but that was not the case.  With each rejection came the adage, come back to us in a year when you have proved your revenue projections.  It became almost comical.  How were all these tech start ups, replete of risk based on intangibles getting funded, mentored, followed while I, addressing an evident challenge to global society with a pro-active, socially progressive, sustainable agriculture model getting nought but postponement?

This is post was not created as a opportunity for me to whine.  It is an opportunity for me to re-affirm my intentions.  This project/business/model will get off the ground and it will be huge.  The Nicole's Farm model will be a game changer in the localized sustainable agriculture arena.   The next year will witness fearless, relentless persistence on my part.  Starting first with a 30 day crowdfunding blitz to expedite the launch and accelerate project growth.

Check out the other tabs on this page to get a broader idea of the project and keep looking back here for updates as things really begin to take off.

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